The Company

Located at Maisonneuve, near Poitiers, France and with over 25 years of experience, the company POITOU PRODUITS DU SOL, brand LUZERNE DU POITOU, has now evolved, to invest in a processing plant granulation creating FIRSTPELLETS.

La société FirstPellets à Maisonneuve.
The pellet can be designed into different categories according to their origins. We find deposits from the timber industry and deposits from the agricultural sector and industry (Co products of crops, energy crops…).
In this transformation, the chopped fibers are then densified using a pellet press made by the high compression that allows aggregation of materials. We then obtain a pellet compacted for proper use and packaging of different products, such as the energy sector as animal feed.
Finally, it is also a power saving factor (CO2) due to its high densification, thus saving transport.